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The World’s most Innovative Seamless Baselayer Garments


BRUBECK® 3D knitting factory (FILATI) was established in 2005 to develop and manufacture most innovative, functional and thermo-active base layer clothing. We combine best of yarns with specific knitwear structures to obtain fully thermo-active underwear for most extreme of weather conditions.

All our products are made using state-of-the-art Italian machines where we apply our unique know-how based on the scientific research, cooperation with professionals and thorough product tests.

Based in the center of Poland, the BRUBECK® production facility is in the heart of an area historically establised in the weaving and textile industry.

We control the quality of our production process from the stage of yarn covering, to garment manufacturing and finishing.

Our distribution network is a key factor in BRUBECK® success – it enables our products reach stores world-wide on time. Our user-friendly Internet portal is a source of updated information and knowledge.

Following Trends

Following the latest trends and the growing need for good-looking underwear without compromise on thermal comfort and hygiene, BRUBECK® is always introducing more and more products for everyday use and personal protective PPE.

Our clients range from army, hazardous environment workers, police, off-road drivers, F1 drivers and special forces. Their comfort and security are our mission, and the fact that they believe in our products is our reason to be proud.

Our Mission

BRUBECK’s mission is to deliver thermal solutions for every activity. For comfort and cold insulation along with protection from fire and electricity.

Our seamless products are light, functional and state of art technology to support professional sportsmen, special forces or industry workers.

BRUBECK PROTECT underwear is all you need to protect your body whatever the weather.

Contact Us

For product prices and B2B offer or to discuss Distribution and Key End User Opportunities please contact Brubeck Protect on +44 (0) 1462 733 819, +44 (0) 7484 040 147 or email:


Brubeck garments are high-tech, functional Thermo-active baselayer underwear and is used to maintain a comfortable body micro-climate for workers in hard and intensive conditions. In periods of high physical activity these garments keep the user from over-heating, and in times of rest, the body’s temperature is maintained at its natural level. Body moisture is quickly removed from the skin, adding further to the feeling of freshness and comfort.

Brubeck Protect underwear is made in state of the art seamless technology – the best to maintain your optional body temperature, freedom and comfort of movement even under heavy duty armour. The specialist protective underwear Brubeck have developed is designed to give workers the extra protection they need when working in environments where there is added risk of exposure to flames or static discharge.

Brubeck Protect – the Ultimate in Base Layer Garments