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Some key questions we’re often asked about our Baselayer

What is Seamless Technology?

Seamless 3D knitwear allows production of garments with enhanced moisture management and ventilation properties. It is achieved by separate layers of individual yarn. Such an innovative technique gives enough space betweean fiberes to absorb moisture but also optimises moisture withdrawal by capilar forces of the mulifibre yarns.

What Flame Retardant Certificates to the products comply to?

Brubeck Flame Retardant garments are CE marked and manufacturered and certified to European Norms to EN ISO 11612 (Flame Resistance) and EN 1149 (Antistatic).

How can I order Brubeck Protect Products?

Brubeck Protect garments are sold through a nationwide network of Workwear and Safetywear Distributors. We invite you to contact Brubeck Protect on +44 (0) 1525 292 643 to discuss Distribution and Key End User Opportunities

What is Protal Flame Retardant Fibre?

Protal’s inherent flame retardant properties will not deteriorate or diminish; they are literally ‘built-in’ to the fabric. As well as eliminating the need for costly re-treatment and unpleasant odours, this also gives Protal the edge in practical comfort. There is no loss in performance, even after repeated laundering (including industrial), dry or spot-cleaning.

How can I download the Brubeck Protect FR Balaclava Brochure?

You can visit the Downloads page on this website to download any of the Brubeck Protect company brochures.