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The Great Escape by Intrepid Events

The Great Escape on July 22nd

In July 17′ Intrepid Events are running The Great Escape on the Culden Faw estate in Oxfordshire. It’s the most immersive adventure race this side of Berlin and with our well stocked Cooler Bar and overnight camping we promise you a fantastic weekend.

Detained deep behind enemy lines in a high security Prisoner of War camp will you have the guts to tunnel out and crack dastardly challenges that lead you to Switzerland and freedom!

For maximum immersion this year we have the WW2 in colour team on your Great Escape adventure to help transport you back to 40’s war time. Don’t get too cosy with them though;  there are escape tunnels, two hunter packs and 10 kilometres of obstacles to negotiate before making it back to Blighty.

For further details and to reserve your Ticket, visit the Intrepid Events website.

About Intrepid Events

Founded by Joel Whittaker, the Intrepid Leadership team comes from diverse and specialised military units where finely tuned team work and inspirational leadership ensured mission success time after time. We have the skills required to transform your teams into a dynamic force; confident, capable and cohesive. Our events are suitable for anyone to enjoy and benefit from regardless of ability, we ensure the whole team is catered for as you develop together through shared experiences.

Our team still operates in the field, this keeps us current to the latest developments which we then pass on to you in spectacular and explosive form. As well as sound knowledge in taking your teams into action our team also has substantial charm and humour, vital in any life or death situation.

In Association with Brubeck Protect

Brubeck Protect are renowed for their Seamless Baselayer garments which offer the ultimate comfort for Leisure and the Workwear market. We are proud to support Intrepid Events in 2017 with garments for their events.

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