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High Tech Thermoactive Baselayer

BRUBECK PROTECT is a high-tech, functional Thermo-active baselayer. It is used to maintain a comfortable body micro-climate for workers in hard and intensive conditions. In periods of high physical activity it keeps the user from over-heating, and in times of rest, the body’s temperature is maintained at its natural level. Body moisture is quickly removed from the skin, adding further to the feeling of freshness and comfort.

BRUBECK PROTECT underwear, balaclavas and beanies are made using seamless technology resulting in a two-layer, extremely breathable fabric. The inner hydrophobic polyester layer repels moisture and heat to the outer hydrophilic layer, made of polyamide – which protects the body against excess heating or cooling. The combination of strong polyester fibres with flexible polyamide ensures comfortable body fit and long-lasting wear and pilling performance. The clothing provides great protection against abrasion and unfavourable external factors. In addition to these features, the fabric also has bacteriostatic properties to stop the build-up of any unwanted smell.

BRUBECK PROTECT socks are also made in two layers: One of modified polypropylene fibres enriched with antibacterial agents, the other of strong polyester fibres combined with high quality soft cotton to ensure the efficient dispersion of moisture, in addition to excellent durability and thermal comfort. The function of our work safety and hygiene baselayer has been designed to perform in all industrial environments. Due to their properties, products such as balaclavas and beanies are especially recommended for railway, road and construction site workers, or anyone exposed to the elements.

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