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Ultimate Safety & Warmth – Brubeck FR AS Balaclava

The Brubeck Protect FR AS Balaclava is made in state of art seamless technology; best to maintain your optimal body temperature and freedom and comfort of movement even under heavy duty armour. It’s perfect for heat distribution and drawing moisture away during phisically demanding work in changing temperatures.

The Unique Protal Blend High-performance PROTAL fibres allow the resulting fabric to have highly effective moisture management and inherent flame retardant properties that will not deteriorate or diminish even after repeated laundering. They are literally ‘built-in’ to the fabric

This garments has become the benchmark for Utility Contractors and workers in hazardous environments where protection combined with comfort is essential.

Produced using a grey fabric and with a composition of 78% Protal, 20% Polyester and 2% Elastane. Available in a choice of 2 sizes.

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